Entrepreneurship advices

The entrepreneur were given advice about techniques about their new business plan.

Business presentation

This is the time when students present their business ideas to the public.

Business presentation

This is the perfect time to build your network and spread your idea to your target audience.

Creative presentation

If you want to reach an audience you better be creative!.

Spread the word

Students talk about their ideas, being shy is not an option!.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

When the deadline is looming ... true entrepreneurs have no fear!

Having just returned home from MCC and the E-Center where a team of 5 student entrepreneurs burned the midnight (well almost) oil, I can't help but write a brief note about initiative, drive and entrepreneurship.

I was sharing with my son on the way home that we had people from 4 different continents working on E-Day stuff tonight.  These five particular students come to this community, college, and country with a thirst to learn, grow and experience everything they possibly can. And from where I sit, it's awesome to see the drive they each possess.  As their teacher, I love it that I don't 'teach' anything ... it's a blast to be able to offer direction and sit back and watch them make things happen!  And that my friends, is the essence of entrepreneurship!

It is my pleasure to be their 'teacher'!

~~ Jim E., Muscatine Community College Marketing, Management & Entrepreneurship Professor.



The Entrepreneurial event would take place in Muscatine History and Industrial Center Home of the pearl button Museum.

The directions are given from Muscatine community college 152 Colorado St,  to 117 West 2nd St 

For more information you can contact Muscatine History and Industry center at
563 263 1052 or visit them on the web at www.muscatinehistory.org

Monday, April 28, 2014

From Bakers, Bloogers to Bugs ... or is it Beauty and the Beasts?

Bloggers, bug killers, pizza bakers and more will coach students during the E-SPEED ROUNDTABLE WORKSHOPS this Thursday at the 3rd Annual E-Day, officially known as the Muscatine Entrepreneurship Exposition.

Local entrepreneurs and business owners will meet face-to-face with Muscatine Community College and area High School students to explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of starting and managing a business.

Entrpereneurs slated to participate in the E-SPEED ROUNDTABLE event include:

  • Gisele Goodwin, founder and CEO of Giyupi.com a Beauty & Fashion Blog
  • Liz Curtiss, owner of Curtis Pest Control
  • Mary Wildermuth, Executive Director of the Muscatine History & Industry Center
  • Sam Vitale, restaurateur and owner of Francesca & Salvatore Vitale's Italian Restaurant
Students should come prepared to ask these experienced business people anything they think they need to know to start their business.  You'll get 10 minutes with each, so make it a rapid fire Q&A!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The 3rd Annual E-Day

The 3rd Annual E-Day is sure to be an awesome event for college and high school students as well as the entire entrepreneurial community in Muscatine!

Invitation Only day-time events will be hosted at the Musctine History & Industry Center in downtown Muscatine. Muscatine Community College and area High School Students will meet face-to-face with Muscatine CEOs for a day filled with networking, learning and exploring exciting new adventures in entrepreneurship.

CEOs from Muscatine's First National Bank (Scott Ingstad), Central State Bank(Bob Howard), and Community Bank(Gary Slight) will engage with students on Muscatine's entrepreneurial roots and the traditional approach to startup financing.

Student teams explore the Muscatine History & Industry Center Museum competing for awesome prizes!


Tulio Goncalves, CEO from Muscatine's own video game developer, WaterMelon Corp., will share his story about using Kickstarter crowdfunding to get his startup launched on a full-scale, world-wide level. WaterMelon Corp. created Pier Solar, the first original video game produced for the Sega Genesis game console in over 15 years! Check it out.

Students and local entrepreneurs meet face-to-face to explore the challenges each small business owner encounters every day.

E-Day moves to MCC for evening activities.
Hosted at MCC,the PUBLIC IS INVITED to meet Muscatine's budding entrepreneurs and hear their great startup ideas. Five finalists will pitch their ideas to the assembled audience and a 'shark tank'-style panel of local entrepreneurs.

This event is scheduled from 5:00PM to 8:00PM, is open to the public and will have refreshments and hors d'oeuvres.

Thursday, April 17, 2014



Check out this video!, it's our big invitation to this important event.
Are you ready to go with us into this amazing journey, and discover new entrepreneur students and business plans...

Remember the event's date is May 1st 2014.

Level UP to new adventures